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We live in a time when the truth of Godís word is seriously being threatened. This has been going on for many years but  now is spreading rapidly like a contagious illness and greatly affecting the church.  Philosophy, psychology and Human rights, are the major viruses that the evil one is using to contaminate the truth of Godís word the Holy Scriptures. 

In a changing moral society governments are more and more compromising with paganism amongst the nations in return for votes and stability ďpeace". So anti biblical laws are being introduced amongst the nations and becoming normal to the people.  

Many things that are called bad or evil according to the word of God are being accepted as normal and good to man and vice versa.

It is no surprise that this way of thinking  is  being brought into the Church, and many "church" denominations and organisations have failed to uphold Biblical principles, distorting Scripture to promote false doctrines to acomodate the world in the church.

Thus compromising to the laws and the desires of the people and governments of the nations rather than the standards that our Lord has given us to live by through His word (Holy Scriptures).

The church at the Tabernacle in  Gran Alacant is not ďA program-driven church."

If you are looking for a purpose-Driven, wealth and prosperity and dominion now inter-faith, ecumenical movements you will be disappointed at the Tabernacle.  

We focus on Gods will, not programs, building lives in Christ Jesus, not building buildings, encouragement and edification of the Saints, not worldly entertainment and sensationalism.

At the Tabernacle we seek to be God driven with His infallible word, inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit.

At Our meetings the Holy Scriptures are the centre of our teachings and worship, relevant for people living in the "real world" of the 21st century; as we see bible prophecies come to pass and the return of our Lord Jesus drawing nearer.

Bible Studies are interactive where members participate in edifying one another to grow spiritually as the Lord guides and teaches us through His word.






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